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Faculty Services: Videos - Films on Demand

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Linking to Library Resources

CCBC Library offers a variety of online licensed content that may be linked to Brightspace including articles, E-books, streaming videos, research guides and LibraryLearn. This is an easy way to provide copyrighted materials with students in compliance with copyright laws. You also need to worry about authentication issues.


Click an option below to find instructions on how to add links for:

Films on Demand

Films On Demand is a streaming video service containing outstanding educational programs published by the History Channel, Biography Channel, BBC, PBS and other news channels. Films On Demand provides access to more than 40,000 titles.

Films on Demand on Brightspace

You can search for videos of Films on Demand directly in Brightspace and embed them when you use Insert Stuff.

  1. Log in to Brightspace.
  2. Click on Content.
  3. Select a Module where you want a  video to appear in or create a new Module.
  4. Select Upload/Create and then Create a File.
  5. Enter a Title. (You can do this before publishing.)
  6. Select the Insert Stuff button.
  7. Select Films on Demand.
  8. Search for a video by keyword or exact title.  Preview the video or select Embed.
  9. Choose the video size - small, medium or large.
  10. Click Next. and then click Allow (this step may not be necessary after your first use of this tool).
  11. Click on Insert.
  12. Publish the document.