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Library 101 for Faculty: Library Instruction

Who we are and our goals; what we offer to you and your students, and how you can better integrate library services and information literacy into your courses.

Tips for a Better Library Class

1. Schedule early. Pick a time when students have a grasp on their assignments. Put it in your course schedule.

2. Provide a copy of your syllabus and assignment to the librarian prior to the class.

3. Be involved. Use Information Literacy concepts in your class.

4. Be specific. If you expect them to use current scientific research or government statistics, say so.

Non-Paper Research Assignments

Library instruction is now available via Zoom and/or LibraryLEARN (InfoLit Modules).

Please submit this request form. We will respond to your request within two working days.

Schedule Library Instruction

Customize Your Library Class(es)

Library Instruction Class Options:

1. Bring your class into the library for a single class session to develop information literacy skills and learn how to use library resources, including databases, research guides, books and other print resources.

2. Bring your class into the library for two sessions: one class of information literacy/library resource instruction and one where students actually perform research with librarian guidance in the library classrooms.

3. Schedule a series of classes with the library or a single librarian, tailored to the research intensity of your course.

4. Schedule a class where we can come to you (computer lab preferred).

5. Pick one of the above options and work with the librarian to develop or utilize an existing quiz, worksheet, or other assessment tool to ensure students are connecting with the library class material. 

6. Utilize a Library Guide in class afterward for maximum impact!