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The Psychology of Sex and Gender

Includes: classic and cutting-edge research findings, historical contexts, examples from popular culture, cross-cultural universality and variation, and coverage of nonbinary identities, for a full, vibrant picture of the field.

Social Psychology

"This book explains intrapersonal (how others influence our views about ourselves) and interpersonal (how we think about and act toward other people) applications of this discipline in today's society. Presents perspectives on many contemporary issuessuch as shooting events, terrorism, autism, post-traumatic effects on veterans, transgender issues, prejudice, and antisocial behavior ; Briefly reviews the contributions of famous psychologists and well-known social psychology experiments"

Personality: A systems approach

Examining personality. What is personality? ; Research in personality psychology ; Perspectives on personality -- Parts of personality. Motivation and emotion ; Interior selves: interior worlds ; Mental abilities and navigating the world ; Conscious self -- Personality organization. How the parts of personality fit together ; Dynamics of action ; Dynamics of self-control -- Personality development. Personality development in childhood and adolescence ; Personality development in adulthood.

Psychology Today

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Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine

This edition is expanded with a range of new topics, such as the effects of conflict and war on health and wellbeing, advancements in assisted reproduction technology, e-health interventions, patient-reported outcome measures, health behaviour change interventions, and implementing changes into health care practice.

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