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Veterans: Veteran Educational Benefits @ CCBC

Resources for, by, or about veterans of interest to student veterans, current military and their families as well as all other interested students, faculty and staff at CCBC.

Going to school after serving in the military provides opportunities to Veterans. But sometimes, it can also bring challenges. Listen to stories of student Veterans who adjusted to challenges by reaching out for support. They found paths for success and living well.

VA Educational Benefits

VA Certifying Officials will assist eligible military-connected students in accessing military educational benefits as appropriate. To speak with your dedicated VA Certifying Official, choose from the list of campuses below.


Contact Us
Catonsville Campus: Frank Murray | 443-840-4305 | SSRV| Room 130
Dundalk Campus: Danielle Horney | 443-840-3103 | SSRV | Enrollment Services | 1st Floor
Essex Campus: Jackie Cymek | 443-840-2106 | SSRV | Room 014


If you need assistance determining your eligibility and would like to use your VA Educational Benefits, please click here for more information.

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