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Veterans: National Resources

Resources for, by, or about veterans of interest to student veterans, current military and their families as well as all other interested students, faculty and staff at CCBC.

Scholarships for Veterans

There are scholarships available for both students wishing to attend traditional colleges and students of all ages interested in enrolling in vocational, technical, and career schools.  Click here to visit the website. Among the many valuable resources on the site are free scholarship searches which lists 70 no-cost scholarship search sites for students interested in all forms of post-secondary education.  Click here to view. 

The AMVET National Scholarship Program is designed for those veterans who have exhausted the resources of the G.I. Bill. Applicants must have been honorably discharged, and must be attending an accredited college, university or technical school. The award is $1000 per academic year, renewable for up to three years.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship is available to all veterans who have been awarded the Purple Heart. The program is also open to widows and dependents of those service-members who have been awarded the Purple Heart posthumously. Award amounts vary, and are based on financial need.

The American Legion Scholarship is available to all veteran members of the legion who are pursuing their undergraduate studies at an accredited college or university. Annual awards are $1000, and eligibility is determined by financial need.

The Pat Tillman Foundation offers the Leadership Through Action – Tilman Military Scholars program which provides financial assistance to veterans and active-duty military who wish to start, continue, or finish their college education. Award amounts vary, and eligibility is determined by merit as well as financial need. Applicants are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA, and must submit two essays for consideration.

The Troops to Teachers Program is administered by the U. S. Department of Defense, and provides financial support for veterans who choose to pursue a degree in teaching or education. Eligible applicants must agree to a term of service in a high need school or community in order to receive funding. Eligibility is determined by financial need, as well as academic merit.



American Corporate Partners

American Corporate Partners 

The ACP Women’s Veteran Mentoring Program, launched this Spring, is a new initiative focused on connecting female veterans with entrepreneurs and female business leaders for one-on-one yearlong mentorships.

ACP hand selects a Mentor for each veteran based on her career goals and preferences. Veterans are mentored on topics ranging from building a civilian-friendly résumé to managing work-life balance and refining leadership and networking skills.

As part of the Women’s Veteran Mentoring Program, veterans will have access to exclusive networking events and career development workshops. The ACP team supports each mentorship throughout the year and provides customized resources tailored to each individual pair.

ACP is working with the U.S. Army Reserve, the U.S. Army’s Soldier for Life program, as well as national nonprofits Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and The Mission Continues. ACP is being supported by a number of its corporate partners in this initiative, and is pleased to be working with additional groups including 100 Women in Hedge Funds, Ellevate Network, GLG, and

Read the press release about ACP's Women's Veteran Mentoring Program here.  To become part of the ACP Women's Veteran Mentoring Program, complete an application today.

Military Times article here.

Websites of Veterans' Resources

Warrior Scholar Program offers 1 or 2 week free, intensive bootcamps geared to college success for veterans: "Enlisted Veterans have an immense degree of untapped potential to succeed in higher education institutions and to progress on to successful careers. To tap that potential, WSP addresses veterans' misperceptions about college and builds their confidence through an intense academic reorientation.

The Warrior-Scholars learn how to frame and develop their ideas in an academic context, think critically, and formulate an argument. Through WSP, veterans are not only learning the subject-matter material; they are learning how to learn."