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Open Educational Resources: OER

Let's make an OpenCCBC!

Open Educational Resources - Best Bets for CCBC

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Ancillary Materials

Check out H5P for ideas on creating your own interactive, engaging ancillary materials.

You can also take a look at the eCampus Ontario H5P repository and the Libre Studio Adapt Studio.

Learn more about Ancillary Materials on the Integrating OER into your Course page.

Contact Shaune Pyle, for more information.

OER Grant Winners

The CCBC OER/Affordable Textbook Committee is pleased to announce the recipients for the 2022-2023 OER/Alternative Textbook Grant Program!

Barbara Crawford, Fawcett Dunstan, Jo Darden, Anne Roberts, Paige Rogers - ENGL

Paulette Comet - CSIT

Renuka Kumar, Michele Clements - CSIT

Melissa Stitt - ACC

Linda Prentice - CHEM

Tara Meyer - HUSC

Rebecca Minor - INTR

Shaun Koenig - LGST

Cristina Cardona - ERSC/GEOG

Sara Osman, Sarah Barnhardt - ESOL

Frank Masel - WLSP

Congratulations! We look forward to seeing your hard work!

Please contact Shaune Pyle,, if you have questions about this program or the application process for next year.

The CCBC OER/Affordability Committee would like to congratulate the recipients for the 2022-2023 M.O.S.T. Grant Award:

Cristina Cardona - ERSC/GEOG