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Open Educational Resources: Arts

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OER as a system relies on attribution and mindful licensing to thrive. Not all resources on this page are fully free or OER, but do fit within a larger textbook affordability strategy. Creative commons licensing defines boundaries and permissions for Reusing, Revising, Retaining, Redistributing, & Remixing OER content.

For more information about Creative Commons and quick reference to license definitions see the Creative Commons page. 

Library-Licensed Content

Contact a librarian to see what eBooks we might already own on your subject area.

We can also locate streaming videos and articles to supplement any material you might already have.

You can also try building a Reading List using SmartSearch Educational Resources: SSER

Open Textbooks

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CCBC Arts Courses Using OER

FAPA 101 Introduction to Fine and Performing Arts Textbook Vol 1
FAPA 101 Introduction to Fine and Performing Arts Textbook Vol 2
MUSC 101 Music Fundamentals Check with instructor for materials being used


Contact your School Representative on the OER/Affordable Textbook Committee for more information on who is using OER in your Pathway:

School of Liberal Arts: Beth Baunoch

School of Technology, Art, and Design: Nancy Bogage, Michele Clements, Paulette Comet