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Open Educational Resources: Reading List Builder - Library Licensed Content

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Reading List Builder

Library-licensed online content is free to the student and seamlessly accessible through Brightspace login. Contact the library to discuss the licenses, use recommendations, and purchase options for non-open, but library-owned or licensed content. Materials like textbooks and articles may already be part of the library collection or we can investigate new materials not yet part of the collection to replace or supplement your classroom materials. We recommend you use the Reading List Builder tool in Brightspace to link to library-licensed content for advanced faculty features and copyright compliance.

Linking to Library Resources

CCBC Library offers a variety of online licensed content that may be linked to Brightspace including articles, E-books, streaming videos, research guides and LibraryLearn. This is an easy way to provide copyrighted materials with students in compliance with copyright laws. You also need to worry about authentication issues.


Click an option below to find instructions on how to add links for:

How to Link on BrightSpace

After deciding that creating a Reading List is what you want to do, select the area within Brightspace that you wish to add the link.

1. Click Existing Activities in the module menu.

2. Select External Learning Tools

3. Select Reading List Builder from the list of Tools

Image of Reading List Builder in tool list


4. Reading List Builder will now appear in your module. Click on it to start adding your readings.

reading list builder link

5. Before adding your readings, you can edit the name of your Reading List by clicking on the drop-down arrow. You can name it the same title as your module or topic.

title of reading list

6.  Select Click for Readings.

image of click for readings

7.  In the next window you will be able to start your Reading List. *This may take a few moments to load.* Click on Start  - Continue WITHOUT Copying.  (Once you create a Reading List you can make it public and then copy it into other courses you may be teaching and your colleagues can also reuse your Reading Lists.)

continue without copying image

8.  On the next screen, you can begin searching for resources from SmartSearch. You can search by Keyword, Title, or Author.

reading list search image

9.  Once your results appear you can use the Add to Reading List button to start collecting articles, videos, and ebook chapters. This will automatically add your selected resources to the list.

add readings image

9.  Once you have selected all the resources you would like from SmartSearch, scroll back to the top and click on See Current Reading List.

current reading list image

10. Now you can see all the resources you have selected from SmartSearch. You can also add individual web links from sites you may frequently use in your course and you can add specific instructions to the Reading List. For instance, if you are using an ebook you may write "only read chapter 5 of the ebook below". You can also delete any resources by clicking the small delete button next to each one.

reading list extra links image

11. Next close the window. Your Reading List has been saved. When you return to Brightspace you can select your Reading List from your list of module topics. Then select Click for Readings to bring you back to your Reading List. As the instructor, this will bring you back to the search box, but you can click on See Current Reading List to you take you to your resources.

*As of right now there is a glitch that also takes students to the search box. Please make sure you advise students to click on the See Current Reading List button to ensure they can access the resources*

reading list image