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CETL High Impact Practices: Writing Intensive Courses


Writing Intensive Courses - George D. Kuh

"These courses emphasize writing at all levels of instruction and across the curriculum, including final-year projects. Students are encouraged to produce and revise various forms of writing for different audiences in different disciplines. The effectiveness of this repeated practice “across the curriculum” has led to parallel efforts in such areas as quantitative reasoning, oral communication, information literacy, and, on some campuses, ethical inquiry."

CCBC Writing in the Disciplines/Across Curricula

Writing in the DisciplinesThe Writing in the Disciplines and Across the Curriculum and Communities (WID/AC) program at CCBC recognizes that globalization and recent advances in technology increase the demand for more proficient writing and communication skills in all academic disciplines, vocational programs, and the workplace. Writing, critical thinking, and lifelong learning are inextricably linked, complex processes, and the WID/AC program aims to provide a forum where the college unites to support one another by exchanging pedagogical strategies and promoting practices which emphasize both the value of writing to learn and the use of writing as an essential teaching tool. WID/AC reinforces the College’s mission statement to serve our diverse community by empowering and liberating student voices and increasing their efficacy across borders, boundaries, and worlds.


For more information: Writing in the Disciplines

CCBC Writing Labs

At the CCBC Writing Centers, English department faculty provide assistance and instruction to all students engaged in writing assignments, regardless of subject area. Each session lasts 30 minutes and appointments are strongly encouraged. 
Our writing consultants can help students to develop ideas, organize thoughts, understand professor comments, as well as the editing, formatting, citing, and proofreading of their work.


There is a Writing Center on the Catonsville, Dundalk, and Essex campuses as well as the Owings Mills extension center and the Online Writing Lab is available 24 hours a day

Recent Scholarly Literature - Writing Intensive Courses

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