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CETL High Impact Practices: Diversity/Global Learning


Diversity/Global Learning - George D. Kuh

"Many colleges and universities now emphasize courses and programs that help students explore cultures, life experiences, and worldviews different from their own. These studies - which may address U.S. diversity, world cultures, or both - often explore "difficult differences" such as racial, ethnic, and gender inequality, or continuing struggles around the globe for human rights, freedom, and power. Frequently, intercultural studies are augmented by experiential learning in the community and/or by study abroad."

CCBC & Global Education

Global Programs for Students

  • Global Distinction Program: Engage in globally intensive classes and activities.
  • Study Abroad: Study, volunteer, work, or travel abroad.
  • Intercultural Dialogues Program: International students share their culture with American students in class.
  • Global Student Clubs: Join in and plan social and cultural events with other students interested in the world.

CCBC Global Education initiatives:

Empower students, faculty, administrators and staff with global perspectives

  • Embrace diversity through internationalizing the curriculum as preparation for careers and life in a global community.
  • Facilitate learning and cross-cultural exchange for an increasingly diverse population.
  • Develop strategies for increasing participation in world languages and study abroad.
  • Provide programs for international exchange and experiential learning.
  • Create systematic and systemic professional development.
  • Support students enrolled in a globally intensive curriculum.
  • Explore avenues for integrating life skills of interpersonal and intercultural significance into the curriculum.

Support internationalization for the internal and external community

  • Provide a range of programs and services for international students studying on CCBC campuses and CCBC students who travel abroad for learning and work opportunities.
  • Partner across CCBC divisions to develop an atmosphere that fosters growth, tolerance, and improved student learning as part of continuing efforts to increase understanding and cooperation for a better world.
  • Develop connections and resources through external partnerships and internal initiatives.
  • Establish CCBC as a cultural center in the region.
  • Increase international visibility through such activities as library, flag, and world map displays.

Continuously assess to measure progress

  • Improve results of student assessment in core competencies and general education related to global perspectives and cultural appreciation.
  • Develop additional assessment tools as needed.
  • Ensure a continuing evolution of the program.

- Global Education at CCBC

Recent Scholarly Literature - Global Learning

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