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Printing at CCBC: Help and Support

Information About Printing at CCBC Using the PaperCut System

Student Printing Log in

Student Printing Help

The printing options have changed to a single queue for black and white as well as color printing. Please make sure you change the print options on your workstation to reflect the kind of copy you want:  black and white or color).  See the staff at the information desks for more assistance.

Technical Support


Requesting A Refund

You many request a refund online if any of the following actions occurred while attempting to release a print job:

  • The printer jammed but charged your account.
  • The printer did not print but charged your account
  • The toner was bad and did not print correctly
  • The file printed but with symbols and gibberish


  1. Go to on a computer or mobile device and sign in using your CCBC username and password
  2. Go to Recent Print Jobs
  3. Find the print job for which you would like the refund and click on Refund
  4. Enter a reason for the refund and whether you require a full or partial refund


An email will be sent within 3-5 business days to notify a student about the status of the refund request.