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Immigrant & Refugee: Stories

My Brother Came By Stork And I Came By Plane
When I’m Playing, I’m Just Heat
There Is A Hopeful Tomorrow
In Search of Blue Jean Dreams
Say Goodbye To All Your Problems
There Is Still Work To Do
My Community Sustains Me
I Never Thought That Could Be Me
I Can Survive Anything
Where Are You From?
The Hard Way Is What Saves You
Leave Home And Don’t Come Back
A Modern Day Odyssey
So Many People, So Many Miracles
A Daughter of Two Countries
May Be Awkward, But It Has to Be Said
A Resilient Daughter of the Arab Spring
Opera Was Never on the Radar
I Was A Child of Revolution
There is Surviving and There is Living
That Little Girl Got A Shock
It Is A Genuine Reconciliation
War Doesn’t Stop in Iraq
Changing the System from Within
I Create So It Cannot Be Erased

I Am An Immigrant

Immigrant Archive Project