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Academic / Scholarly / Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

During your college career your instructors will expect you to find "scholarly" articles. What does that mean? It means that now that you are in college you need to use academic resources for your papers and projects.

Scholarly resources have been reviewed by experts to see if they are worthwhile or not.

  • Research databases are filled with articles from journals, magazines, newspapers, websites, etc. They typically hold premium content that may be access only behind a password paywall, like Netflix. CCBC students - you already have access with your enrollment!
  • There are databases for specific subjects (pick your general topic area) and for general research (everybody can find something).
  • To see all of the databases that we have by subject area, click here: CCBC Databases

LibraryLearn Tutorial: How to Read Scholarly Materials

If this makes no sense, try this: Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

And here's a video, for you non-readers: How to Read Academic Research