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Evaluate It! : Evaluation Criteria

This guide shows you how to evaluate sources. It is important to evaluate websites, periodicals and any material you will be using for your research. Includes evaluation exercises.

Evaluate Your Sources

Do not assume that everything you see in print or on your computer is accurate or reliable!

Everything that is published may not be appropriate for either your topic question or your paper/presentation.

Everything that is published may not be correct or factual.

Sometimes you may need a scholarly research article, sometimes you may need an internet site.

Plus you want to use the best and highest quality information that you can find--The better the source the better the paper!

Whatever information source you find you need to evaluate it before you use it.


How to Evaluate a Wikipedia Article

Video Tutorial: Evaluating Sources Using 4 Moves

Evaluating Sources Using 4 Moves video

Tutorials & Checklist on Criteria for Evaluating Information