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Dental Health & Hygiene: Tooth Image

Primary Teeth by Science Olympiad

Permanent Teeth

Teeth break down food mechanically.

  • A child has 20 deciduous teeth, while an adult has 32 permanent teeth.
  • They erupt at different age and mature when they reach around age 13.
  • There are four types of teeth: Incisors, canines, premolars, and molars.

Source: Science Olympiad, © 2020.

Teeth Structure by Science Olympiad

Cross Section of Tooth

Teeth consist of crown, neck and root.

  • The crown is the upper surface. Bumps on the crown are called cusps.
  • The neck is the region under the crown, but above the alveolar bone.
  • The root is the region inside the alveolar bone.

Source: Science Olympiad, © 2020.