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Civic Education: Resource Hub: Democracy & Freedom

Resource hub for faculty participating in the Teagle Foundation American Civic Life Infusion Initiative

Module Objectives

  • Synthesize content from the assigned texts to complete the discussion board assignments (CCO A4)
  • Compose a thesis statement that states an assertion, sets limits on the topic, and indicates organization (CCO A3)
  • Collaborate effectively in a small group and use technology to complete a project (CCO A2 & A6)
  • Conduct in-depth research, including accessing and choosing appropriate academic sources for a group project (CCO A7)
  • Compose a source-based essay based on the module readings and topics (CCO A1, A8, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 & B7)
  • Conduct a peer review assignment (CCO A1 & A2)
  • Apply academically appropriate grammar, spelling, semantics and style in all module assignments (CCO A5)
  • Apply MLA standards in all module assignments (CCO A9)

Unit Created by Jocelyn Broadwick

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Week 1 Resources

Read the following:

Week 2 Resources

Read and watch the following:

Week 3 Resources

Read the following:

Conduct research using CCBC Library Databases. Try the following:

Week 4 Resources

Library Resources

Check each week's box for library databases, help, and more.

For help with MLA Citations see our library guide:

Students can request a Research Assistance Program Appointment with a Librarian or ask the Librarian at the desk any time for help with research or citations!

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