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Art History & Appreciation: Books

This guide is designed to assist you in finding information on artists and/or the field of art/art history

Why use books to research art?

Start with a book search (below) with a few simple words from your search strategy. The library has a collection of books (online and in print) that discuss artists, styles of art, art techniques and materials, periods, cultures in which art was created, and history to that will give you the background on the art that you need AND give you a good example of how to discuss your chosen piece.

Many of these print art books are large format - they will be big! This is to accommodate large, quality images.

Articles from art and art history journals can be VERY filled with difficult language and arguments that might not be helpful to your research.

Library Catalog

Search for Books and eBooks

On the Shelf at CCBC Libraries

Search our book catalog, to the left, by your artist or subject matter or period or country, in any combination. We have lots of books, both ebook and print, that speak to the works found in local museums. 

Online from CCBC Libraries

There are SO MANY ebooks - don't be intimidated by their size - they are exactly what you need. Search using the strategy on the first page of this website: artist name, then period or style or country/region of origin (or combination), then by genre and or medium. You probably will only need to read few pages or a chapter - skim until you find them.