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Evaluate It! : Why Evaluate?

This guide shows you how to evaluate sources. It is important to evaluate websites, periodicals and any material you will be using for your research. Includes evaluation exercises.

Why is it important to evaluate sources on the Web

newspaapers / magazines
Anyone can find information on the web using Google or Wikipedia.To be a good researcher you need to evaluate the sources you find and select useful books, articles and web sites for your academic paper. Below are some reasons why you should evaluate your information.

Why Evaluate?
Anyone can write or publish a web page. Does it sound reasonable?
No fact checkers for all websites. Sources that may be appropriate for one situation, may not be for another.
Not all information is equally reliable or useful. Need to be able to sift through search returns to find ones that answer your question.

This guide will help you in all your courses to evaluate the resources you use. You will be evaluating books, journals, magazines, videos, images, websites and other material to use in your research. Evaluating sources is a skill that you will use beyond your college papers.

Evaluating Websites

Fake News, Lies and Propaganda

You be the Judge!