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Open Educational Resources for Students: What is Automatic Billing?

Information on OER for students at CCBC. Let's make an OpenCCBC!

Did you know?

What is Automatic Textbook Billing AKA Inclusive Access, Day One Access? 

Inclusive access programs are contracts that are created between campus bookstores, commercial publishers, and institutions. Students are automatically signed up to get digital course materials, the cost of which gets folded into their tuition and fees when they enroll in a class.

--- OpenStax "Giving automatic textbook billing a second look" (2019).

What does this mean for me?

At CCBC, this program is called First Day.

While some textbooks are able to be offered at significant discounts (as low as $40!) to students because students are essentially renting these textbooks in bulk through the bookstore, it can be a confusing process. Because you have to opt-out of this program when you pay for your course, some students don't even know that they are paying these extra book/course fees and end up buying the textbook twice!

If your course uses an access code that is included in First Day, it can be even more difficult to opt-out. In this case you have to risk not being able to complete your homework or quizzes just to find the best deal on a textbook. Since this cost is rolled into your tuition payment that means you're not only paying once (tuition) to take the class but you're also paying an extra fee (access code) to even be able to participate and get grades. Not all First Day classes have access codes but it's important to find out if yours does.


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