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Open Educational Resources for Students: Wednesday - Thursday: Creative Commons and Open Assignments

Information on OER for students at CCBC. Let's make an OpenCCBC!

What is Creative Commons and what does it have to do with OER?

Creative Commons is what allows for textbooks to be openly licensed and free. There are a set of 6 licenses that allow creators to put special designations on their work stating how it can be used. But all the licenses allow for the work to be used for free! By using these licenses, faculty and students can use textbooks and other course materials for free, and also create open or renewable assignments. Students can also license their own work with Creative Commons licenses. It's very similar to citations, just a different type. Keep browsing to learn more!

Creative Commons

Renewable Assignments

Have you ever turned in a paper or research project and thought as soon as I get my grade back I'll just chuck this paper in the trash? Even if you got a good grade? These are what we call disposable assignments. These types of assignments have no impact beyond that one particular class.

Renewable assignments look to change the outlook of papers and research projects. Renewable assignments look to add value beyond just that one class and that one professor.

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