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LibraryLEARN - Links for Faculty: Module 4 - Evaluating Information

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Evaluating Information LTI Links

1 - Video: What is Authority?
2 - Video: Introduction to Bias
3 - Video: Types of Bias
4 - Quiz: Bias
5 - Video: Evaluating Sources
6 - Tutorial: Evaluating Information
7 - Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source
8 - Quiz: Evaluating Information
9 - Video: How to Identify and Debunk Fake News
10 - Video Tutorial: Understanding Misinformation
11 - Quiz: Fake News

Evaluating Information

To preview this module, see the links below:

Video: What is Authority?  

Video: Introduction to Bias (Part I)  
We recommend including both videos - part I and II.

Video: Types of Bias (Part II)  
We recommend including both videos - part I and II.

Quiz: Bias  

Video: Evaluating Sources  

Tutorial: Evaluating Information  

Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source  

Quiz: Evaluating Information  

Video: How to Identify and Debunk Fake News  

Video Tutorial: Understanding Misinformation  
Select this OR #8. #9 Recommended.

Quiz: Fake News