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Open Educational Resources for Students: Friday - OER @ CCBC

Information on OER for students at CCBC. Let's make an OpenCCBC!


CCBC has been steadily growing from a grass roots group of faculty and faculty librarians interested in and using OER to a full-fledged community on campus. At CCBC we have an OER/Textbook Affordability Committee that works to promote, advocate, and coordinate OER and Open Education efforts. The committee is comprised of at least one member from each school, including Deans, as well as, other departments on campus: instructional design, bookstore, business services, and marketing and communications.

This year the committee is reaching out to SGA and students to talk about OER and open education at CCBC. We want all students to be informed when it comes to making decisions about their courses and their textbooks. Talk to your professor about the textbook for your course, or even your assignments.

When registering for courses, look for the Notes tab under each section of a course. It will tell you whether the course uses a Free or Low-Cost (under $40) textbook.

If you have any questions about OER, please reach out to Jamie Witman (

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