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I-Search Papers: The Research Process

A brief guide through the process of an I-Search paper

How do I even get started?

Start casual! Learn the easy stuff first. Change your thesis as you read. Don't lock in before you know you can make your argument.

But don't forget to keep track as you go, even if it feels like you're not really even starting. There are 3 basic ways of keeping track of your research:

1. Print, use paper, keep a folder and take notes. 
2. Email yourself everything, including drafts in progress, and make sure all the files you send are searchable by this paper's name. Ex: ServiceDogsArticle1
3. Use EasyBib, Zotero, Diigo or some other online tool to organize your research. 

Cite as you write or cite it all at the end. Either way, you have to hold on to everything you've read to prepare for this paper.

I know you're going to start with Wikipedia...

The Research Path is Never Perfect