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Choosing A Topic : 2. Preliminary Search Strategies

Pre-search is research

Do background research to warm up. Google around and learn how people are discussing your subject. Yes, read Wikipedia. Write down words that you notice getting repeated and questions that pop into your mind as you do this casual first step.   


The idea is that scanning and skimming will help you get from broad to specific - Research Question: "How does social media impact the process by which adolescents create and act out their self-identity?"

childhood identity and social media


Do preliminary research before even thinking about an outline. See what's out there and if your argument can be backed up. Make sure you have enough to work with!

Always collect more resources than you are required. Odds are, some will just not work out or will not be relevant enough to your argument. 

Email yourself an article once you skim the abstract or first paragraph and it still looks good.

LibraryLearn Video: Beginning Research with Google/Wikipedia

Final step: Review it all