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Automotive Technician Certification Test Preparation Manual A-Series

A powerful test preparation tool, filled with updated task list theory, practice tests, and abundant, demonstrative graphics, which will arm users with the knowledge they need to master the ASE certification exams. (2021)

ASE Test Preparation - A1 Engine Repair

"This manual will ensure that you not only understand the task list and therefore the content your actual certification exam will be based upon, but also provides descriptions of the various types of questions on a typical ASE exam, as well as presents valuable test taking strategies enabling you to be fully prepared and confident on test day." Series of 12 volumes published in 2012.

Motor Age Training self-study guides for ASE certification

"This study guide will help prepare you to take and pass the ASE test. It contains descriptions of the types of questions used on the test, the task list from which the test questions are derived, a review of the task list subject information, and a practice test containing ASE style questions." Series of 10 volumes published between 2012-2014.

Official ASE Test Prep

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