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Occupational Therapy: Evidence Based Practice

This guide will direct you to information resources on the topic of occupational therapy that are available at the CCBC Libraries and elsewhere.


According to Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions:

Evidence based practice is "the practice of health care in which the practitioner systematically finds, appraises, and uses the most current and valid research findings as the basis for clinical decisions."

"The benefits of an approach to practice that involves using the best possible evidence for the care of patients and other users of health services has become apparent to healthcare professionals, especially nurses. Evidence-based medicine and evidence-based nursing now form part of the wider evidence-based practice movement.

In order to promote the principles, teaching and implementation of evidence-based practice, a consensus statement was agreed by delegates at the second international conference of Evidence-Based Healthcare Teachers and Developers held in Sicily in September 2003. The group agreed that ‘evidence-based practice (EBP) requires that decisions about healthcare are based on the best available, current, valid and relevant evidence. These decisions should be made by those receiving care, informed by the tacit and explicit knowledge of those providing care, within the context of available resources’ "  Margaret Edwards in Key Concepts in Nursing

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Evidence Based Practice Keyword Searching

To find Evidence Based Practice articles in the CCBC databases, consider using some of the following keywords in addition to your topic.

For example, you can try searching Lumbar Stenosis AND Clinical Trial

Examples of Qualitative and Quantitative keywords to use when searching for articles.

Qualitative Keywords Quantitative Keywords
Case Study Survey
Interview Sampling
Focus Group Experiment
Observation Clinical Trial
Narrative Statistics