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Borrowing from other libraries (Inter Library Loan)

Reciprocal Borrowing

CCBC Library has reciprocal borrowing agreements with the following university libraries. Members of the CCBC community can access and borrow from these institutions, and vice versa:

University of Baltimore Robert L. Bogomolny Library
UMBC Albin O. Kuhn Library


Catonsville Circulation (443) 840-2710
Dundalk Circulation (443) 840-2591
Essex Circulation (443) 840-2809

Request an Inter Library Loan

CCBC's interlibrary loan service supports academic and professional research requests for books and articles. Qualifying requests include those for CCBC coursework, professional development and scholarship.

What is Inter Library Loan (ILL)

The lending/borrowing that takes place within a network of libraries in the U.S.