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English as 2nd Language: Reading & Vocabulary

Library Vocabulary

Call Number

The numbers and letters on the book or DVD that lets you find it on the shelf.

Check Out

To borrow a book or DVD from the library.


When an item leaves the library and come back for outside usage.


A collection of articles and books that you can search on a computer.

DOI Number

The digital object identifier that points to the permanent IP address.

Due Date

The date that a book or DVD needs to be returned to the library.

Keyword Search

To search for the main idea. (Ex: Why do we need to know vocabulary about the library? The keywords are vocabulary and library.)

Loan Period

How long you can keep library books and DVDs for outside usage.

Overdue Fine

If a book is kept past the due date, you will have to pay 15 cents a day.


The magazines, journals, and newspapers that the library has on its shelf.

Reference Book

A book that gives background information about a topic.

Reference Librarian

The librarian who can help you to find information on your topic.

Item Renew

To check out a book or DVD again, when you need more time to use it.

Reserve Material

Items to be used only in the library, such as the reserved textbooks.

Subject Heading

What the book, article, or DVD is about, i.e. the main topic.


A word with similar meaning as another word. (Ex: sickness & disease)