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Resume Writing: Start Here


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A guide to sources for creating an effective resume and landing the job of your dreams!

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Resume Fundamentals

From CareerOnestop--The Basic Elements of a Resume

Resume section

What it tells the reader

Top portion of resume (first third to half)

If your resume is worth reading further. This opening “snapshot” should entice readers to read more.

Header (name and contact information)

Your preferred name and how to contact you. The reader shouldn’t have to think about this (e.g., wonder what name you go by). 

Headline and Summary

What you’re looking for and why you’re qualified. Announces your job target and quickly sums up why you’re a good candidate. Note that experts recommend this approach to replace what used to be called "Objective" on many resumes. Read more in our FAQs.


Whether you have the required skills. Helps the reader quickly match your skills to the position requirements.

Work Experience
or Professional Experience
or Employment History

What you’ve accomplished that’s relevant. Explains what you’ve achieved that could also benefit the reader’s company.


Whether you meet the education requirements. Again, helps the reader quickly match you to the position requirements.

Continuing Education
or Professional Development
or Additional Training

What further training you’ve pursued. Matches you to job requirements and also illustrates initiative and commitment to learning.

Other Information

What other assets you offer. Provides additional information (professional memberships, awards, etc.) to support your candidacy.


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