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"Fake News" vs. Real News: Deepfakes

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What Are Deepfakes?

Definition of: deepfake


(DEEP learning FAKE) Creating a phony video that looks real. With the increasing advancements in computer performance and techniques, face swap spftware superimposes a face onto the face of someone else in a video. The result is that anybody can be made to look like they love or hate anything. The video can be produced entirely by using actors, whose faces are replaced with a celebrity such as a movie star, politician or news anchor, and it appears very real to the casual viewer


Why It's Getting Harder to Spot a Deepfake Video

Lawmakers are concerned that deepfake videos could be used to influence the 2020 election. Now the U.S. government is working to create technology to detect them.


Today, Explained: The Deep Fake (Podcast)