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How To Find a Book: Print Books

Understanding Call Numbers

Books in the CCBC Libraries are arranged by Library of Congress call numbers. The Library of Congress system uses letters and numbers together to make a unique "address"  for each book on the shelf.  Similar subjects are located together on the shelf. You can often find other helpful books shelved nearby.

You will find the call number on the spine of the book. You just need the address, but this is why this particular book is in this place.

To find People and Places, the green book on the image above, locate the G section, then the GN section. It will be close to the beginning because the 30s are generally small numbers in LC (the numbers go into the 1000s). Locate GN 31.5. If there are other GN31.5's look at the letter (M) down on the next row and it is numerical from there.