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Group Study Rooms

Study Room Policy

  1. After presenting a valid CCBC ID to the library staff, a currently enrolled group of students may occupy a study room for up to two hours. Time extensions may be granted when other students are not waiting to use a study room.
  2. The size of a group may not exceed the room's stated maximum occupancy. Individuals may use group study rooms depending on demand and campus location.
  3. Group study rooms may be used for academic purposes only.
  4. Group study rooms are not soundproof. Please be respectful of students in adjacent study areas.
  5. Eating food while occupying any study space in the library is not allowed. However, students may enjoy beverages in covered containers.
  6. A study room that has been left vacant can result in the loss of remaining time allowed for use.
  7. Students are responsible for the security of their personal belongings at all times.


The Library reserves the right to deny study room privileges to any student or group who does not comply with these or other policies as stated in the CCBC Code of Student Conduct.