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Information Literacy: Schedule a Class

CCBC IL Mission Statement

The mission of the CCBC library instruction program is to develop information-seeking abilities in the CCBC community. Librarians collaborate with faculty to provide instruction in gathering, evaluating, and applying information for life-long learning. The program promotes ACRL information literacy core competencies, which state that an information literate individual is capable of:

•  Identifying the information need;

•  Finding the information;

•  Evaluating the information;

•  Using the information effectively and ethically.

Schedule a Class

Faculty are invited to request library instruction sessions tailored to the needs of their classes. To schedule a Library Instruction Session, please fill out the request form below:

  Library Instruction Session Request Form

This is a web based form that will go to the Instruction coordinators. Please submit requests at least two weeks in advance and plan to attend class with your students.

    • Librarians teach classes on a wide range of research skills, including:
      • search strategies
      • evaluating resources
      • using research databases
      • finding print and electronic materials
    • Librarians plan classes to meet your specific course objectives
    • One session, multiple short sessions or an embedded librarian--whatever fits with your class
    • Classes are held in the Library's computer classrooms

Library Guides

Library Guides are CCBC librarian created subject gateways to a variety of academic sources.

Listed below are a few of interest to faculty.

See the complete list here.