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Library 101 For Students: Articles

A short introduction to the CCBC Libraries

Library Databases

Databases are online resources that the library subscribes to that contain articles and other information from print and video sources such as magazines, newspapers, journals and reference books.

Research databases are the best way to find information for your assignments. They contain thousands of full text articles and can be about a specific subject or can be good to start general research on a topic.

To see all of the databases that we own follow this link: CCBC Databases

Why Use A Database?

Finding Articles

During your college career your instructors will expect you to find "scholarly" articles. What does that mean? It means that now that you are in college you need to use academic resources for your papers and projects.

Try this "Anatomy of a Scholarly Article" for more information on how to identify a scholarly article.

Those resources have been reviewed by experts to see if they are worthwhile.

Plus it is  important to evaluate those resources that you do find. Everything is not equally great. You need to use only the best sources for your paper--the better the sources the better the paper, and the easier to write too!

Articles & Databases

Google vs Databases

Google vs Databases

Advanced Searching Skills Infographic - AND, OR, NOT, Quotations, Truncation

Advanced Searching Skills

Books vs scholarly articles

Books vs Scholarly Articles

General Databases

Off Campus Access

To find articles in databases off-campus, log-in with your CCBC user name and password. For more information see: Remote Access


Need help finding articles?  Call the Library Reference Desk:

Catonsville 443-840-2730
Dundalk  443-840-2592
Essex    443-840-1425

Need technical help?
Call Library Tech Support 443-840-2720

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