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Dance: Dance History

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General History


The Place of Dance

The Place of Dance is written for the general reader as well as for dancers. It reminds us that dancing is our nature, available to all as well as refined for the stage. Andrea Olsen is an internationally known choreographer and educator who combines the science of body with creative practice. This workbook integrates experiential anatomy with the process of moving and dancing, with a particular focus on the creative journey involved in choreographing, improvising, and performing for the stage.

Dance Studies

"Dance Studies: The Basics is a concise introduction to the study of dance ranging from the practical aspects such as technique and to more theoretical considerations such as aesthetic appreciation and the place of dance in different cultures. Including examples from dance forms such as ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and urban, this book answers questions such as: Exactly how do we define 'dance'? What kinds of people dance and what kind of training is necessary? How are dances made? What do we know about dance history? Featuring a glossary, chronology of dance history and list of useful websites, this book is the ideal starting point for anyone interested in the study of dance."