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Human Diseases, Disorders or Medical Conditions: Books

Library Catalog

For detailed information on specific diseases, disorders or medical conditions you need to consult books written on the subject.  CCBC Library Catalog helps you locate books on the subject available on all 3 CCBC campuses.

In the Catalog you may:

  • Search by the subject, for example "Leukemia" or "Parkinson's Disease".

  • Or search by the title of a book, for example "Sourcebook for Diabetes".

  • Or by an authors name, for example "Beck, Aaron".

The Libraries use the Library of Congress Classification system to shelve books. You will need to write down the call numbers of the books you are interested in inorder to locate them on the shelves; our call numbers use both letters and numbers together. The Library of Congress Classification system use the class RC for human diseases or medical conditions start with RC. For example, this is the call number for one book:


If CCBC Libraries do not have the book/s on the subject, LOCATOR Plus - National Library of Medicine's Catalog, will help you identify book/s on the subject and we can help you get the book/s from NLM or other libraries through our InterLibrary Loan service.

    Use InterLibrary Loan to borrow from other campuses/libraries.


      Books & e-books are avaliable at CCBC Library. Most of these books treat the subject in detail or address specific issues about the diseases, disorders or the medical conditions including clinical information such as diagnostic & treatment methods avaliable: