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According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers the number one skill that employers are looking for is communication--both verbal and written.

Does this sound familiar? Are you taking an English Writing class or a Public Speaking class?  Part of the reason behind the rationale for requiring those classes is that you will need those skills in the workplace (as well as in life).

Here is the complete list of the most sought after skills in employees; are your professors requiring some of these things in your classes too?

Employers Rank Top  Candidate Skills/Qualities

  1.  Communication Skills--the ability to communicate with persons inside and outside of the organization
  2. Strong Work Ethic--the ability to be on time; complete tasks within a deadline; produce quality work; reliability
  3. Teamwork Skills--the ability to work well in a team environment
  4. Analytical Skills--the ability to obtain and process information; to analyze quantitative data
  5. Initiative--the ability to make decisions and solve problems on your own
  6. Organization--the ability to plan, organize and prioritize tasks

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